Heathers the Musical



*the role of Martha Dunnstock has already been cast.

PLEASE BRING: A current headshot / resume. We will have an accompanist ready to play for you. Your personal high school story should be only a minute-long and should showcase who you are as a person and how you fit in or stand out in high school.

E-Mail: zach@fausttheatre.com for a time slot (and let us know your preferred time). If you have any questions, reach out and let us know!


VERONICA SAWYER 17. Burns to be both cool and kind, but doesn’t yet know how to be both at the same time. Fierce sense of right and wrong, keen sense of ironic humor. Thinks she’s an old soul, but she’s still innocent enough to be blindsided by love or shocked by cruelty. Voice: High belting required, but to A♭. Must have dynamic and stylistic range.

JASON “J.D.” DEAN/BIG BUD DEAN – 17. Darkly charismatic, compelling, attractive. Charming on the outside, damaged on the inside. Keen smarts, savage wit. Voice: Strong, confident belt to at least an A♭, A preferable; wide emotional range. *The actor playing JD will also play his father as a hand puppet. 

HEATHER CHANDLER – 17. The richest, hottest, cruelest girl in town. Relishes power and wields it without fear, patience, or mercy. Voice: Strong belt to F or higher preferred. Mezzo for chorus.

HEATHER MCNAMARA – 17. Beautiful, innocent, stupid. Can be mean on command if Heather Chandler orders it, but actually quite vulnerable and fearful. Voice: Strong belt to a D♭, D preferred. Soprano for chorus.

HEATHER DUKE – 17. The whipped beta dog of the three Heathers. Deeply insecure. When she finally becomes Queen Bee, she wields power like a bulldozer. Voice: Strong belt to a C, D preferred. Alto for chorus.

RAM SWEENEY/MR.SWEENEY – 17. Linebacker. Big, insensitive to feelings of others, ruled by appetites. Voice: Strong baritone/tenor – power-country/Gospel belt to A♭, higher welcome. *The actor playing RAM will also play his dad, MR. SWEENEY.

KURT KELLY/MR. KELLY – 17. Quarterback and captain. Chiseled, rude, entitled, cocky. He’s the brains in the friendship with Ram. Voice: tenor, strong belt to A♭ or A, some falsetto. *The actor playing KURT will also play his dad, MR. KELLY.

BOY 1: BELEAGUERED GEEK/VERONICA’S DAD/PRINCIPAL GOWAN – 16-18. An embittered social outcast. Voice: baritone (up to F#) or tenor (up to A). *The actor playing BELEAGUERED GEEK will also be the voice(s) of  VERONICA’S DAD and PRINCIPAL GOWAN.

BOY 2: PREPPY STUD/COACH RIPPER – 16-18. Straight-laced, ambitious, blow-dried. Dreams of being even richer than his parents. Voice: bass (up to E) or baritone (up to G#). *The actor playing PREPPY STUD will also be the voice of COACH RIPPER.

BOY 3: HIPSTER DORK/COP #1 – 16-18. Thinks he’s Ducky from Pretty In Pink. Voice: baritone (up to F#) or tenor (up to A). *The actor playing HIPSTER DORK will also play COP #1.

GIRL 1: NEW WAVE GIRL/VERONICA’S MOM – 16-18. She wants her MTV and dresses accordingly. Voice: Belt to at least C# (a soprano up to high A/B is also a plus). *The actress playing NEW WAVE GIRL will also be the voice of VERONICA’S MOM.

GIRL 2: STONER CHICK/COP #2 – 16-18. Smokes outside with the freaks in between classes. Her future’s so bright she’s gotta wear shades to hide her bloodshot eyes. Voice: Belt to at least C# (a soprano up to high A/B is also a plus). *The actress playing STONER CHICK will also play COP #2.

GIRL 3: YOUNG REPUBLICANETTE/MS. FLEMING – 16-18. A tennis-playing, perky Student Council type. Voice: Belt to at least C (soprano up to high A/B is also a plus). *The actress playing YOUNG REPUBLICANETTE will also sing MS.FLEMING.

*Number of ensemble members could change.

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